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Tesco Extra Balloon Arch

Watford Tesco Extra

Installation of 5 balloon arches in Tesco Extra stores located in Blackpool, Watford, Woolwich, Camberley and Shoreham.

Each promotion installed within the cosmetics area of each Tesco. We top printed the Gold balloons and air filled attaching to a flexible carbon frame. The event will last 2 weeks which is fine for an indoor air filled arch.

As our van cannot store 5 arches we built 2 at every other store, taking 1 arch in the van to save time setting up a work station at every location.

Tesco Woolwich balloon arch


Tesco Camberley Balloon arch


Tesco Shoreham Arch


Tweet of the day:

Here’s how the Watford arch looked after 9 days:


Tesco Store Opening Arch

tesco-archOur first Tesco Express store opening in Balsall Common, West Midlands. This arch was for a brand new store and so installed at 7.30am and used for press photos and generally creating some excitement in the area. The Tesco’s crew were impressed by the size and said they usually have much smaller arches that just go over the double door (and cover the shop sign).

These Red & Sapphire balloons were air filled, we over inflated them and downsized to 8.25″ to make them soft and durable when blowing around in difficult weather conditions.