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For this ceiling fill I was given the dimensions of the required space:

5 Metres x 15 meters = 16ft x 50ft = 800 Square Feet
If a 12” balloon is 1 square foot we needed 800 to fill the space, so I suggested 1000 to allow for slight overlap. Once this was confirmed I cut all ribbon lengths in advance and travelled to the Red Bull HQ in London ready for some action.
I calculated this would take 2 staff 4 hours to complete (including setting up, parking, eating & drinking etc).
When we arrived we had a small issue, the ceiling area had no edge to it so the balloons would drift and spill into a much higher area. To solve this problem we built a barrier:
Barrier to hold balloons
Our barrier consisted of a simple arch which we laid on the ceiling and tied in 4 positions.
Once this was secured we could blast away and filled the space in less than 3 hours. The customer wanted bright colours so I used 11″ Qualatex Standard which were really nice and soft to tie and added some 16″ just for fun. We used just slightly over 2 x G20 cylinders including the barrier.