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Genie Operating Instructions

Genie Helium Safety Operating Instructions
Balloon Gas is a safe, non flammable, non-poisonous gas which is lighter than air. It can be used safely either indoors or outside. You should never deliberately inhale Balloon Gas as it is an asphyxiant.

It is essential that you read these instructions before using your first cylinder of helium gas.

  1. Store the cylinder in an upright position.
  2. Always keep the cylinder in a well ventilated area away from fire risks and sources of heat.
  3. Fire hazards should be avoided. However, in the event of a fire, vacate the area and call the fire Brigade informing them that the cylinder of Balloon Gas is there.
  4. Ensure that there is good ventilation when cylinders are carried in vans or cars and that cylinders are always secure during transit.
  5. To avoid accidents, as Genie cylinders are stored at high pressure, the cylinder valve should never be opened without the appropriate filling kit attached and should be tightly closed when the cylinder is not in use.
  6. You must always remove the filling kit if moving the cylinder any distance or ceasing to use it. Remember to turn off the cylinder valve and release pressure in the filling kit before removing it.

Please return the cylinder and filling kit when empty. The cylinder and kit remain the property of at all times. For more information contact on 0121 429 9068.





Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions


Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions

Remove any seal which is covering the valve outlet on the Genie cylinder.
Connect the appropriate Universal filling kit by screwing it in a clockwise direction until hand-tight (no spanner is required).

2.Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions

Slowly open the hand wheel valve anti-clockwise to allow gas into the filling kit.
Listen for any obvious leaks. If there is a leak, turn off the valve, release any excess gas in the kit and check you have fitted the filling kit correctly. Try the procedure again and, if the problem persists, close the valve and call or email on 0121 429 9068 /

3.Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions

To inflate a valved balloon with the universal kit hold the balloon valve firmly over the blue nozzle. Push the nozzle in to release the gas and inflate the balloon to the desired size. Valved latex balloons can be re-inflated.

4.Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions

When the balloon is filled the ribboned valve will self seal. Pull the ribbon from the valve and the balloon is ready for use.

5.Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions

To remove the universal filling kit, turn cylinder valve off by turning in a clockwise direction.
Before removing the filling kit from the cylinder, release any excess gas by pushing in the Blue nozzle. Twist the kit anti-clockwise and remove from the cylinder.

6.Helium Balloon Gas Genie Instructions

To activate the Genie digital intelligence unit push the Black button once. The screen will display the contents of the cylinder. Press the button repeatedly to switch between balloon sizes. Select ‘M’ to get the approximate number of 12″ balloon capacity remaining in the cylinder. The display will switch off automatically after a few seconds.