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When a client asks for Turquoise Balloons it usually means 6 possible options. In the Qualatex range there’s Caribbean Blue, Robins Egg Blue (who’s Robin and why are his eggs Blue?) and Tropical Teal. There’s even a Pearl Teal which is a mad dark green which gets even more confusing.

In the Belbal range there’s Turquoise & Cyan.

Even when a photo of the balloon is sent it’s difficult to work out which of the above colours it is.

After sending all the above samples Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair decided the Belbal Turquoise was the best match for their 5th Birthday celebrations. We inflated & Hi-Floated 650 on Tuesday and did a refresh of another 650 this Friday.

Following all the above I have decided that from now on if somebody asks for Turquoise they’re getting the Belbal Turquoise.