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Printed Balloons

Take a look at what MBNAChinatown, Half a Sixpence and Phantom did for best examples of how to get the most fun from your promotional day.

Have a play with our calculator and try various options and quantities to match your budget.

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  1. BpB5w8NIUAA_dh2.jpg-large

    What size balloons should I buy?

    10”  or 12”? At first this seems like a no brainer because the larger balloons only cost a fraction more and that’s because you are mainly paying for screens, setting up the machine and then cleaning the inks down. It’s not that simply though, a 12” will use twice the helium of a 10”, so as helium is the most expensive component 10” is the better option. Even if you’re air filling they will take up twice as much space if you go for the 12”.

  2. wickedMetallic finish or plain latex? The metallic shine looks better if decorating an event or party. The plain latex finish is better for promotional giveaways.


  3. balloon-valve

    Do I need self sealing ribboned valves?

    If you’re inflating large quantities of balloons on a single day (let’s say over 100) you’ll probably want to go for the valves to save tying knots and so save your fingers. If you only need to inflate 30 or 40 then tying knots is better because the balloons will be lighter and float longer without the valves. The valves do not look good for corporate party decorations, it’s best to hand tie with matching coloured ribbon or find a local balloon professional to do it for you.

  4. Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 13.42.22

    Do I need Cups & Sticks?

    You only need these if you’re air filling and giving the balloons away. You do not need cups and sticks when helium filling and they are difficult to use for party decorations because they don’t stand up (they’re designed to be held by hand). It’s a good cost effective alternative if you don’t have the budget for helium or the area you’re working will not allow helium. If you’re inflating a large quantity with air you’ll need an electric air inflator.

  5. balloon-artwork

    What sort of artwork is required?

    On most occasions a PDF or JPEG file will be fine if you’re going for a 1 colour print. If your logo is more complicated we’ll need an EPS or ai file so we can separate the layers. For best results enlarge your artwork to fit in a 4”x 4” square.

  6. How long will my printing take?

    We can deliver in less than 7 days. To speed things up you can help by sending excellent artwork. For quantities over 10,000 it’s best to drop us an email with your required deadline date.

  7. Will my balloons arrive inflated?

    We do offer this service but the prices we quote for printing are for supplying the balloons flat. If you do need on site inflating we’ll need the location and available access to provide a cost.

  8. How long will my printed balloons last?

    If they are stored flat in a boxed plastic bag they will last for years (even though latex is 100% biodegrade). It’s best not to let them get too cold. If you inflate your balloons with helium they will float approximately 20 hours depending on the environment. You can treat with Ultra Hi-Float which can help a 12” balloon float up to 4 days. When air filling and slightly under inflating they can last for weeks or until they’re popped.

  9. Can I have a visual?

    Yes we provide a visual in your selected colours for free. We can usually mock something up within an hour depending on the quality of your artwork file. On some occasions we may need to have your image redawn which may cost extra.

  10. Can you match my pantone colours?

    We can match the ink colours but not the balloon colours. An ink colour match works well when printing on White balloons, it’s not so simple on darker colours. A colour printed on a Black balloon will look different depending on how large it’s inflated.

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

Outdoor balloon decorations for the UK Athletics Grand Prix at The Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. Working outdoors with balloons can be difficult when it's rainy and windy but also the Sun can speed up the balloon oxidising. Darker colours fade faster in the sun but...



These 'Wicked' balloons are printed 2 sides on 12" Metallic Emerald balloons. We've supplied these every Halloween or as milestone events for the long running theatre production in Victoria, London. We also inflate and rig them up in the rafters for that spectacular...



At the London Olympics we created printed balloons and decorations for various events. The most spectacular was a 1000 balloon drop for Team USA. They booked a London venue for 3 months which included ripping everything out and then installing they're own theme for...