43 Arches

This sounds like a challenge, build 43 arches across the UK in 1 day. It seemed daunting when faced with a spreadsheet listing addresses and postcodes. Looking at a list it’s difficult to digest how close each location is, so I posted them onto a Google map which made the whole thing visually easier to see.

43 Arches in 24 hours

To begin with every location was Blue, these became Red as we allocated suppliers, then Green when the suppliers accepted the orders.

To get a consistent quality across the whole country I wanted to use the Aeropole arch system at every location. I got together with my Qualatex rep Mark Drury who put me in touch with balloon companies who already owned an aeropole. There were some areas where I needed to supply the framework.

Mark made the process of subcontracting seamless by connecting me with professionals of a certain standard. It was a refreshing change to get positive responses from people who volunteered to take on more locations. Once we had assigned the subcontractors Mark emailed them to see if they wanted to help and then gave me permission contact them direct.

This took 2 to 3 days to turn all 43 icons Green. There were 3 stores we couldn’t cover so I decided to do these myself.

Once everything was in place it was simply a matter of turning each map icon Purple once a photo was received to show the arch in place. We had a few hiccups as 3 stores refused their arch.

The arches will stay in situ for 2 weeks like the previous instalation. We also installed marketing signs you can see at the side of every arch.

Internal use: Link to Map