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For a 6 week promotion in 2 HMV stores Disney required 2 arches to be placed over their “Buy One Get One Free” retail displays. As the duration of 6 weeks was a long time for latex balloons we replaced them at 2 week intervals.

The 2 stores were based in Milton Keynes & Reading and we installed them before opening at 8am. Originally the brief was an arch frame outside the entrance but after a site visit and discussions with the store managers it became clear the installations were required in store and in a small area. The best solution was smaller plastic frames with clamps either side attached to the merchandise display.

To make it fit we down sized 11″ balloons to 6″.

UPDATE: Here’s the revamps we did 17th March 2016.

UPDATE 2: To make the balloons look better for longer we coated them in Simoniz Back to Black spray.