9 Spellbinding Years

Amazing to help celebrate 9 spellbinding years for Wicked this September 2015. They dropped 2000 Emerald Green balloons and were lucky enough to watch the show, it’s a fantastic story and the songs just blow you away.


We’ve rigged this drop for the theatre production Wicked on 15 occasions at The Apollo Theatre, Victoria, London. The first thing we do is drop the net over the balcony making it easy to fill with the help of gravity.


Once the net is full we cable tie the ends to seal it. Then we drop lines down from the roof, attach them to either end of the net and delicately pull the drop into place. The drop is chain stitched so we need to be really careful with the pull strings when moving the structure around. If the line was to catch on the arm of a chair it will release the balloons.

For the best effect we chain the net from the sides and into the centre leaving 2 pull lines. That way when the drop starts to release all the balloons begin to fall in the centre of the theatre rather than at one side.

Vine video of the installation:

Update 26th September 2015, 9 Wicked Years:

UPDATE: We were back on 30.03.16 for the 4000th London performance of Wicked.