We build arches with helium or air made to measure at your event.
Planning something different, we're put our heads together and come up with a solution to match your budget and achieve that WOW factor.
Balloons are in our dna
Established in Birmingham in 1982 we have over 30 years experince in playing around with balloons.
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Anything and Everything to do with balloons…
Looking for something eye catching and different? We can build anything to fit your theme or corporate brand. Working with all types of balloons from small 5" to giant 36" we can create an IMPACT. Send us your ideas and we'll let you know what's achievable and give a realistic costing. Click on the Tea Pot to see or sculpture portfolio or browse this site for extensive information on arches, drops and helium accessories.

"Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon" - Pooh Bear
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Recent Work:

We've been supplying printed helium balloons, arches and decorations across the UK for over 30 years. Whatever your needs from corporate promotions with simple arches to large-scale decorations we can meet your requirements.

Our 10" branded latex are made of 100% natural latex are completely biodegradable and still provide a fantastic float time, available in strong vibrant colours. Promotional latex are printed whilst inflated to give a better stronger finish - so the print looks better.

For arches and displays we can work on site or arrive with all arrangements pre-inflated. Based in Birmingham we have good access to the UK motorway networks and frequently work in London, Manchester and Bristol. Delivery costs are dependant on distance travelled, access time and the number of crew required to decorate your event.

If you do not have the budget for bespoke work you can create a fantastic effect by keeping things simple. Small quantities of latex air filled and attached to fencing, gates or chairs add colour and fun at very little expense. You can try a local party shop or purchase small quantities from this website. if you are having a party at home remember that even a few colourful helium balloons tied to your gate will help everybody know where the fun is at. Search Youtube for instructional videos and remember - if you're using helium, inflate latex on the day of your event not the night before.
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